Saturday, 25 January 2014

Doodle leaves

Designing Christmas presents gave me great motivation to start drawing and designing some of own work again. These doodley leaves were fun to draw and it was great to bring texture into my drawings. I think the recipient was pretty pleased too!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Linocut Penguin

I finally replaced my horrible plastic lino tool with a Swiss Pfeil tool, which is so much easier to work with. I also got a V cut one for Christmas, so should be able to start doing some more detailed linocuts. Next on my wish list is a bigger brayer to get a more even ink coverage, and hopefully a better print. Just a simple penguin Christmas card design for now.

Finished print

The linocut and inking up

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Squidgy Rabbit

In October there was a new arrival in the Alviti family, my lovely niece Melissa. I wanted to make a soft toy for her, and found this tutorial on 'Chez Beeper Bebe.' I made mine out of a speckly pink t-shirt fabric to make it more of a newborn baby girl gift.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas Makes

I had a few productive days before Christmas, baking, finishing off homemade presents and cards, and making Christmas decorations.

       Clay Christmas Decorations

I made these Christmas decorations to give to as gifts to friends. They're cut out of air drying clay with cookie cutters, with a wire hoop poked in to hang them from. They're then left to dry for a couple of days, the white ones decorated with gold ink and a festive stamp, then sprayed with clear varnish. The gold ones were stamped with letters to leave indentations, then covered with gold spray paint.

They turned out much better than my first attempt with cornstarch dough, which looked fine before entering the oven, (although the dough was difficult to handle,) but came out with bumps all over where I presume the bicarbonate of soda activated a bit too much! 


         Cornstarch Dough failures

I also made this creature for a present, which is possibly the strangest thing I've ever made, but my boyfriend was pretty pleased. I found this Chewbacca on pinterest, and downloaded the pattern here via Draw Pilgrim. I put my own spin on it by making a few alterations to the pattern and changing the way his ammunition belt was made.